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Certainty Advanced Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes 160/Canister


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Medical TB Disinfectant Wipes

Certainty Medical TB Disinfectant Wipes are specially formulated for rapid disinfection of hard, non-porous surfaces in just 1 minute! These fast-acting, ready-to-use wipes eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses including mycobacterium, one of the most difficult microorganisms to kill. Ideal for medical clinics, doctor offices, long term care homes, and more.

  • Broad spectrum disinfectant
  • 1 Minute kill time
  • Bactericidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal
  • Removes organic debris
  • Safe to use on a wide range of hard surfaces
  • DIN registered with Health Canada
  • Strong, premium quality material
Category: Janitorial/Sanitation
Sub-Category: Wipes